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Badil was founded in 2014 by journalist Hamid El Mahdaoui. After the news website Lakome was censored and the company liquidated by the authorities and beeng fired by Hibapress due to the tone of his interventions, El Mahdaoui created this news outlet.

Following the arrest and imprisonment of its founder and Director El Mahdaoui, and citing as a reason financial difficulties, the outlet has announced its closing down on 22nd October 2017. In the time preceding this sudden shutdown, Mr. El Mahdaoui had reach a significant fame, in part due to the long format video talks he posted on his Youtube channel. Among other topics that raised his profile were the popular movement of the Rif Hirak.

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Hamid Al Mahdaoui

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Hamid Al Mahdaoui did very short stints at Al Ousboue Assahafi and at Chouf TV, before joining the now defunct first version the news website Lakome. He has had several spats with the justice and is now currently serving a one-year sentence after being accused of ‘inciting an unauthorisedd protest’ in the Rif region in the summer 2017.


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Other Important People

Tariq Sbai

Mohamed El Hani

Affiliated Interests other important people

Tariq Sbai is a lawyer close to Istiqlal party’s former leader. Mohamed El Hani is a former magistrate, dismissed by former ministry of Justice Mustapha Ramid.


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