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Ali Anouzla

Ali Anouzla

 Ali Anouzla was born in Agadir. He started his journalistic career in the Saudi, Pan-Arab paper Al-Sharq al-Awsat. He then worked briefly in Libya for the national press agency prior to returning to Morocco in 1990. He will build his journalistic career in Morocco, and will become a reference in terms of Arabic-language journalism. 

Anouzla co-founded, alongside the journalist Taoufik Bouachrine, his first weekly called Al-Jarid al-Oukhra in 2004. This media allowed a number of dissidents to the regime to write in it and was a trailblazer in the moroccan journalistic landscape. In 2006, following the forced shutdown of Al-Jarid al-Oukhra, Anouzla joined Arabic-language daily Al Massae's founding team. By early 2008, he left Al Massae to create Al-Jarida al-Oula that was forced to close its doors in 2010 due to a series of financial issues, partly caused by heavy fines the outlet was condemned to pay. 

Anouzla went on to create an online media, Lakome, alongside veteran journalist Aboubakr Jamai. A few months following its launch, Lakome established itself as a serious and widely-read news outlet. In 2013, Anouzla and his team revealed that following king Mohammed VI sealing a deal with Spanish king Juan Carlos, to return Spanish citizens incarcerated in Morocco, a Spanish pedophile accused of 11 rapes was released as part  of this deal. There was intense public outcry following this revelation. 

Less than a month later, Anouzla published a journalistic article regarding the latest propaganda video released by Al Qaeda. This article contained a link to the webpage of a highly respected Spanish newspaper that had embedded the aforementioned video. Accused of 'assisting, defending terrorist acts and inciting them', Anouzla was immediately arrested and imprisoned (and released on bail). The authorities will take advantage of these circumstances to block both the French and Arabic versions of the site as well as any other website that hosted its content, while Anouzla did no longer have any capital or editorial tie to it. 

Anouzla and Aboubakr Jamaï received in 2014 the prize from the Project on Middle East Democracy (POMED). The former Moroccan Ambassador to the United States had reacted through diplomatic cable to his hierarchy (leaked as part of the 'Chris Coleman' files) and suggested that diplomatic actions should be taken in order to lobby Stephen McInerney, POMED's executive director, to take back the prize from Anouzla. 

In 2015, Anouzla, following a number of spats with the judicial system and a series of trials judged by international bodies to be baseless, launched Lakome2.

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