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Nouvelle Maroc Soir

The company Nouvelle Maroc Soir was founded in 2002, with a social capital averaging $US 6 Millions. It is not declared as media company but rather as a holding group with no financial activities. Four front companies hold all shares of Nouvelle Maroc Soir, and they too have no financial activity reported. This financial montage reveals that the key investor of this company is Othman Omeir, a Saudi-British businessman in the media industry.


The motivation behind this investment is not clear as the company and the medias associated with it are not profitable and have not been for years now as sales continue to plumet.


Word Advertising, 25%

Mohamed Haitami, 0.0016%

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World Publishing

Created in 2004, this public company was launched with a social capital averaging $US 100 000. Given its financial reporting, it does not seem to have any purpose other than sustaining the company Nouvelle Maroc Soir. Othman Omeir is the majority shareholder with 99.9% of the shares. Nasser Abdelaziz Al Ghonem, John Gibson Bryden, Hatim Bittoui and Abdullah Al Massoud own 1 share each.

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Latest publicly available data on capital division dates back to 2013.

No revenue has ever been declared for this company, and operating profit dates back to 2015.

Given the financial data of this company, it appears to be a front for foreign investments and does not have any financial activity other than providing funding for the papers linked to it.

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